Wounds and Healing

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Unlike in prior editions of Fading Suns, characters on Star Crusade do not have a Vitality track; instead, they take damage in wounds, either as Flesh Wounds, Serious Wounds. The type of wound a blow does depends on how much damage a character takes compared to the character's Strength.

Flesh Wounds

If a character takes less damage than their Strength, they take a Flesh Wound - small cuts, bruises, and the like that do not greatly impede her ability to fight further. Many flesh wounds can ultimately hinder a fighter, however - combatants suffer a -1 to goal rolls for every three Flesh Wounds they have suffered as aching joints, blood in their eyes and general fatigue slow them down.

Thus, a duelist with Strength 5 who takes 4 points of damage receives a Flesh Wound: if it was his first, he suffers no ill effect, but if he has taken two previous flesh wounds he would be at a -1 to goals.

Serious Wounds

If a character takes damage equal to or greater than her Strength, she instead takes a Serious Wound - a deep cut, a fracture or a similar serious injury. Characters suffer a -2 for every Serious Wound they have suffered.

A character can take multiple serious wounds from a single source of damage if it is serious enough. A character receives an additional serious wound for every 4 points of damage she takes above her strength.

If the duelist in the above example had taken 5 points of damage, he would instead have suffered a Serious Wound, with a -2 to all future rolls. If he suffered a second Serious Wound, he would be at a -4.


Natural healing is based off of a recovery roll (Strength + Vigor). Each VP on the roll removes one wound of the appropriate level. The time between recovery rolls is based on the seriousness of the injury.

Flesh Wounds
  • Lethal: 1 day
  • Stun: 1 minute
Serious Wounds
  • Lethal: 1 Week
  • Stun: 1 hour

Medical assistance can provide a +1 synergy bonus to this roll, and high-tech medical assistance can provide a +2 synergy bonus.

Elixir is applied with a Wits+Remedy roll. Each VP on the Wits+Remedy roll heals 1 Serious Wound, or all Flesh wounds.