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The planet Yathrib is most notable as the world where the Prophet received his revelation of the Holy Flame, and where he subsequently gave his first sermon to Saint Paulus, his first disciple. Yathrib is a dusty desert planet, with most of its resources buried deep inside its crust; while terraforming could have turned it into a garden world, its importance to the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun meant that even during height of the godless Second Republic it remained untouched.


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Yathrib is a small, dense planet around the size of Mars but with a gravity closer to that of Holy Terra. Its continents are concentrated mostly around the equator, with religious life centered on the City of Revelation, a sprawling - now ruined - metropolis on the shores of the Shining Gulf in the continent of Asher. Two polar continents exist; the smaller, known as the Boreale, is in the north, while the Antipodes in the south comprise a series of landmasses arranged around the Meridian Sea.

Revelation and the Shining Gulf is the scene of most conflict between the Kurgans and Known Worlders; the Known Worlders have their capital at Akko, on the Mount of Apples, just across the gulf from Revelation. The nearby protected counties of the Vale of Olives have never known Kurgan rule. More Known Worlds lands run up the coast under the shadow of the Mountains of Moab until the River Joyeaux; the fiefs across the river in Oultrejoyeaux are bitterly contested with the Kurgans. The Kurgan heartland lies inland from Revelation, in the city of Iskandretta, linked to Revelation by a series of maglev trains, and much of the Kurgan people dwell in the Pearl Cities along the eastern coast of Asher.

West from the Shining Gulf is the Great Desert; on the far side is Chemosh, the continent of the Sathraist Kingdoms.


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